UAV Services

Aerial Imaging

We offer the ability to inspect roofs/structures without the need for scaffolding. We can carry out an infrared survey to detect cold bridging and specific high heat loss locations on roofs/structures along with being able to produce high quality photographic surveys on inaccessible structures.

FAI Headquarters

FAI Headquarters

Thermal Roof Images

Thermal Image of Roof from the Air


UAV Aerial Video

We offer a unique video perspective for sporting events, festivals, weddings, and for film makers. Our Sony Nex5n mounted on our Octokopter offers high quality footage from an unusually low altitude, creating footage that normally requires very expensive camera mounting equipment.

UAV Aerial Photography

We can supply you with stunning aerial property shots for marketing purposes. Aerial photographs are often used to market a property. A photograph taken from a 'birds-eye' view can add dimension to a property, and bring out qualities that might not show in a photograph taken from the ground. A single aerial shot can show the full extent and surroundings of a property, and is especially useful for properties with large grounds.

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Aerial Photography Blarney Castle


Aerial Photography Fota

Golf Course Photography

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